Thank you for your generosity in giving towards this mission to bring hope and transformation to Inverclyde.

As a charity we are dependent on funding from individuals and organisations to maintain our programmes of support for the vulnerable and disadvantaged in our community. We value all financial contributions as an investment in blessing our community and nurturing social change in Inverclyde.

As we adapt to life with COVID-19 and anticipate the consequential impacts of this on jobs, the economy and personal wellbeing, we are asking if you would join us as we increase our capacity at Kidron Project to deliver essential help and support so people can be equipped to face the challenges ahead with increased confidence and skills. 

To do this we will need your help. I'm sure you have once been that someone who needed a friendly and objective listening ear when you felt backed into a corner with no way out? Or paralysed by anxiety when the unexpected of life threw you into turmoil? Or perhaps you have benefited from someone who spoke hope and helped you when you were unable to see anything good ahead? We are providing practical, emotional and spiritual support to people in these situations every week, and you can be part of that outstretched hand.

Will you help equip someone else to face life's challenges with confidence by giving on a monthly basis to this work to bring hope and transformation to Inverclyde? 

Please use the links below to easily set up your giving by direct debit or standing order or use our Amazon Smile bookmark to give as you shop.


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