Power-up Parenting

Be the change you want to see in your home

Parenting is a challenge for most of us, we are tired, we lose confidence, we don’t know if we are doing a good job. 
Been there and done it! You are completely normal.

On this 4-week course we are going to dive in head-first to gain the tools to take the power back that easily slipped through your fingers.

Kidron Project is pleased to have partnered with Marion Morrison from Invincible GRIT, who is an expert on Parenting Empowerment Coaching, running this course. Marion has over 15 years’ experience working alongside families and empowering parents to lead their best lives, regardless of circumstances.

Marion will provide a safe space for you to navigate your way to finding peace during your parenting journey. She will cheer you on and help you build your communication skills, your self-belief as a parent but, most importantly, the tools to keep life as fun and simple as possible!

We all have something to learn from each other’s stories so sign up and get ready for the best parenting program you have ever taken part in!

Week 1 - Spring Clean Your Family Life

Week 2 - Family Fun Foundations

Week 3 - Take Control of Your Time

Week 4 - Be a Pioneer, Raise a Pioneer

Coach Marion Morrison

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