Gain new friends, learn new skills and bring your ideas to life together

A Self-Reliant Group (SRG) is an informal collective of 3 or more people who come together to support each other, save money and create new opportunities for themselves. We inspire individuals to connect and grow their confidence, skills and income.

Kidron Project offers our members the opportunity to join or create SRGs in partnership with WEvolution.


We really do believe that strength comes from working together - through the good and the bad. We’ve seen it first-hand, time and time again; when we set our minds to something, that extra input of experience and support gives us a richer understanding of the world and our potential business ideas.


We live in a world that can often feel lonely and where being able to 'do it all' on your own is seen as a good thing. We believe the opposite. We know that coming together and connecting with others is a pretty powerful thing. Whether you just want to create a group for a social purpose or to become the next millionaire next door - it starts with connecting.

Take Picturing Paisley; this SRG met once a week since they first formed in their local area. From chatting about personal matters to planning their next exhibition theme and venue, connecting and meeting regularly keeps them moving forward, together.


Savings for all SRGs is considered an important aspect of the group. It is the starting point for taking back control. It can be as small as £1 a week but it’s the habit of putting some money aside weekly that’s important. Society sometimes tells us that we can’t do things on our own, but savings are a reminder that in time anything is possible. Just ask Provanmill SRG who started saving £1 a week and now run their own community launderette.


More often than not when we join a group, there tends to be one person taking on the leadership role and making the decisions. SRGs are not the place for that. SRGs are designed to help people share and rotate the leadership role so that power is equally distributed amongst everyone.

It isn’t about one person running the show - it’s about us all showing up and doing our part. Even if it pushes us a little out of our comfort zone. Deborah never thought she was the ‘university type’ and this held her back from pursuing a passion for Community Development. Experiencing a leadership role within her SRG changed that


Our SRGs use the website to make it super simple to set up a group and access step-by-step support. 

Not sure you have the skills and training required to start a micro-enterprise? WEvolution have experts and training on offer you can access to get your idea off the ground. 

Some groups operate as a collective working on a shared business idea and other groups consist of members developing their own individual interests. Regardless of this, the standout features of an SRG are:

  1. They're a collective
  2. They meet regularly
  3. They save regularly
  4. They rotate and share responsibilities
SRGs at Kidron Project are a place for ideas, conversations and accountability. We know big things can happen in small groups so let’s get you into one!

Contact us to find out how to join or start a group in Inverclyde on or by calling us on 01475 325021.

SRG Coordinator Colin Campbell


What previous group members said…

“It makes a huge difference to be the driving force in my own life. I am more optimistic, hopeful, determined, focussed and happy.”

“Being part of WEvo and SRGs have been a major support network for me, increased my confidence and pushed me outside my comfort zone at times.”

“My kids have been impacted in multiple areas. Mainly they’ve seen a happier and more confident mum and in seeing that have started being more creative themselves.”