Life Ready

Home management and self care tips to support your health and wellbeing on a budget

Life Ready is designed to help you build strong foundations for your day to day living, and it’s completely FREE!

Life Ready is a fun five week course that will equip you with tools to help lift the pressure in your home life. You’ll meet with a group of like minded people and learn practical skills from our trained coaches.

You’ll also have the opportunity to book your place on one of our free CAP Money Courses running after this course ends to learn a simple system for managing your finances.

Course content

The Life Ready course covers the following topics:

Week 1: Goal setting
Week 2: Self worth
Week 3: Sleep
Week 4: Environment
Week 5: Healthy Eating

Goal Setting

Goals - how to set them, achieve them and use them to get the most out of life and overcome obstacles along the way. The main aim of this session is to point out that life rewards actions not intentions.


Realising that we are all worthwhile and of value regardless of what we do, or are. This session is handled in a sensitive manner as it looks at how we view our own worth and also how others perceive us.


Reinforcing the need for rest to achieve a healthy life. We will learn how good sleep patterns are important, ways to help achieve this and have a go at designing plans to help us figure out how to make this happen for us.

The Environment we live in

Our surroundings can have both a positive and negative impact on our lives. In this session we talk about the difference between physical and social environments, what the difference between changing and adapting actually means. Also we look at how to make positive changes to our own environments and how it’s not the end of the world if we have a little “wobble” in our environments and how to overcome these situations and move on.

Healthy Eating

Creating a healthy relationship with food and our eating habits. This is the last and most practical, hands on session. Our main aim is to prove that it is possible to eat healthily on a budget. We look at how our diet can affect our health and how to have a positive relationship with food. We do this by having a go at cooking a healthy meal together on a budget. At the end of this session we will have all helped to cook an affordable, healthy meal which we will all sit down together and enjoy.

Get in touch to register your interest in attending the next cycle of the course on or by calling us on 01475 325021.

Coach Carolyn Airth


What previous group members said…

‘I've met so many people through Life Skills! It's a big family – I look forward to the group and feel excited to help others. I learned about budgeting and changed my habits and, because I’m spending differently now, I save so much money.’

– Previous participant

This project is made possible thanks to the support of the Scottish Government, Inverclyde Council and CVS Inverclyde through the Inverclyde Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund