Creativity Counts

Your creative outlet for fun and friendship

Kidron Project, in partnership with Donna Bryson from Clearview Minds, are delighted to introduce our brand new 6 week course called Creativity Counts.

Whether you are creative, a problem solver or just curious, this course is for you!
  • Using a range of different techniques each week, by the end of the course you will:
  • Know how to boost your confidence
  • Feel more positive
  • Understand what your own unique talents are
  • Appreciate how to tap into surroundings to feel good
  • Be able to manage thoughts in a more constructive way
  • Gain knowledge on all the different things you can tap into in your local area
  • Be a better communicator and understand the power of communication
  • Create a collage of you and your fellow participants experiences on the course
  • Have a road map for the future
This course is aimed at people of all ages and abilities, no matter your interest or skill levels.

Weekly sessions will include activities such as creative writing, photography sessions, walks round the local area, team building exercises and much more.

Get in touch to register your interest in attending the next cycle of the course on or by calling us on 01475 325021.

Coach Donna Bryson


‘Kidron provides great opportunities to interact with new people, socialise and learn about others and yourself. Also it provides some structure and gives space and time to focus on your own wellbeing and continued development. Fantastic!’

– Previous participant