Equip For Life

Move your life in new directions

Equip For Life is a 5 week course designed by Glasgow based Life Coach Catriona Futter to build confidence, self-worth and consolidate new skills to move your life in new directions. The course is a mixture of teaching, interaction and tasks to work on at home; challenging and informative, as well as a lot of fun!

Working with Catriona, you will receive support, encouragement, and accountability to help you deal with areas such as:
  •     Confidence and self awareness that brings greater self acceptance
  •     Living according to your own values, and creating boundaries
  •     Work/life balance
  •     Negative self talk and self belief
  •     Lack of purpose or times of transition and change
  •     Creating good, sustainable habits that help you move forward

You are a unique and amazing individual, and you have a specific blend of strengths, skills, values, personality and experience. Our mission is to equip and empower you to understand and embrace who you are as that person.

If you are seeking to live a more fulfilling life with clearer purpose and direction, manage your life and time better, and gain more confidence and self awareness, this course can help!


Course content

Over the weekly sessions we will cover these topics:

Week 1: Life balance assessment
Week 2: Strengths and motivators
Week 3: Mindset
Week 4: Goal Setting
Week 5: Review

This course will particularly benefit those who have already attended our other programmes and need help putting new skills and priorities for your life into action as a result. 

This course is free and is open to anyone resident in Inverclyde and will be held in person or on Zoom throughout the year.

Get in touch using our Contact form to find out more or to book on to our next course. 

Coach Catriona Futter


"Catriona is such a true encourager and the people were lovely. It made me stop and evaluate what I want and need in my life. This is new for me as for years I always put myself last. I have gained insight into my relationships with others. So thankful for this course and a beautiful reminder that I am enough."

– Equip for Life participant