The story behind the name

The Kidron Principle

As a Christian local mission organisation the inspiration behind the name Kidron Project comes from a geographical feature in Jerusalem referenced several times throughout the Bible - the Kidron Valley. This valley frequently symbolises human suffering throughout it's history but is flanked by two 'mountains'. One - the Mount of Olives - is the site of the Garden of Gethsemane, associated with the intercession of Jesus Christ for humanity prior to his crucifixion, and the other is the Temple Mount and the Garden of the King - the place where God's rule and heavenly order was manifested in ancient Israel. 

We seek to connect these two fundamental truths of the Christian faith - prayer for the world and transformation of the world - in the 'valley' of human need.

By bringing active faith into connection with those experiencing suffering in the hope of equipping them for a life of increased wholeness and freedom, we are partnering with God's plan of redemption for the world and doing our bit to 'let His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven' (the Lord's Prayer).

So, for us, Kidron Project is simply engaging in God's mission for Christians to be agents of redemption in the messy, challenging, yet inspiring, valley of the struggles of life.

Our Director Colin Campbell explains more about the motivation behind Kidron Project in this interview with Inverclyde Youth For Christ.